High Pressure Laminate
The most popular specification, especially when a design requires flexibility, aesthetics, and economy. High Pressure Laminate components utilize NEMA GP-50 high pressure laminate and industrial Grade 45lb. density particleboard. A full range of solid designer colors, patterns and finishes.

Solid Phenolic Core
They provide strength, durability, color, finish selection, and design flexibility. For high traffic, the virtually indestructible core makes it suitable for wet areas.

Evergreen is a solid color core phenolic compartment system that is tough and durable in a choice of colors. This beautiful material has solid color throughout and is popular in high traffic public buildings. Like our standard phenolic material, the core is virtually indestructible and suitable for wet areas.

Solid Plastic Polyethylene
Utilize the latest technological polymer resin composition. Recommended for high traffic locations. Water and graffiti resistant, virtually maintenance free, and will not delaminate or oxidize.

Metal, Baked Enamel
Are economical and long lasting. They provide the toughest paint finish in the industry as measured by ASTM standards for salt spray, humidity and impact. Rounded stile and door edges provide a soft relief and prevent edge chipping.

Stainless Steel
Considered the finest in the industry. Ultimate for installation where appearance and strength are prime considerations. Soft brush satin, stainless steel material has soft, rounded door and stile edges. Recommended for high humidity applications. Shipped with protective PVC film which is easily removed after installation.

Solid Surface
Perfect applications where practical elegance, rugged durability, and ease maintenance are important considerations. Luxurious colors and pattern throughout the material thickness offer the added advantage of easy on-site repair. Impervious to water, moisture and heat. Features s Class A fire rating.

* For Quick Ship and rush orders we stock Natural Sand. Almond, Grey Sand, and Black Sand HPL for immediate delivery and installation. Contact us for more info →


We offer repair service for existing partitions which includes changing out hardware, screws, greasing joints, and general maintenance. Door keepers and door slides are the main parts of a bathroom that see the most abuse. Our installation crews are well organized and our work is done in a timely, neat fashion.


We manufacture vanity tops with Corian, Granite, Laminate, Marble, Phenolic, and Solid Plastic. We also offer tilt and fixed mirrors at 18" X 30" for ADA and regular use in addition to custom sized beveled edge mirrors.